Assessment Information


Lessons — $50.00 Time allocated: 45-50 minutes

Vic Roads Booking Fee as at July 2018:

  • Hazard Perception Test — $36.90
  • Practical Drive Test — $63.00
  • Four Year P1 License — $107.70
  • Three Year P2 License — $80.80

Hazard Perception Test 

The VicRoads Hazard Test is made up of 28 video clips. In each of these clips the student will be asked to complete a driving task or make a decision about a driving task.

The Judes hazard test training program will increase the students understanding of the VicRoads Hazard Test together with a greater understanding of VicRoads expectations of the drivers responses. 

Test applicants can be picked up from home, work, school or train station if needs be in order to complete the Hazard Test training at Judes; then dropped off to VicRoads to undertake the test. After completing the test, drivers will be returned to their pick-up point.

Hazard Perception Test Training Package – $60
Time allocated, including VicRoads Test – one hour and 45 minutes

On the day of your assessment you must bring:

  • Your current Learners Permit (license)
  • Your Log Book where applicable

Note: The instructors at Jude’s prefer you to take your hazard perception test on a separate day to that of your drive assessment. This method helps to eliminate nerves and gives you time to focus on each separate assessment. Also, note that you must pass your hazard perception test before you can take your drive assessment with VicRoads. We understand that with work or other commitments, this is not always possible. Your instructor will help you make the right decision.

Prepare yourself for the VicRoads Hazard Perception Test with the Judes Driving School Training Program

*** Click here for details of the Judes Driving School Hazard Test Training Program ***

If you have any questions please feel free to call your driving instructor:

Chris: 0418 135 519

Safe Driving!!

Lesson Booking Info

The first lesson with most students is conducted on quiet country roads.




The Complete Driver

The Complete Driver covers topics that are not part of the driving test such as higher speed skills


Hazard Test Training

Judes Driving School will present you with our own exclusive Hazard Perception Training Program.



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