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Q: If I obtain my Automatic Licence how long do I need to drive an auto?

If you obtain your Automatic licence you must only drive an Automatic car for the period of your probationary licence. You may at any time during this period, repeat your driving assessment in order to upgrade to a manual licence. There is no requirement to resit your Hazard Perception Test.

Q: How many demerit points do I have?

As a newly licensed driver and until you are on a full licence you have 12 points, but you are only permitted to lose 5 points in any given twelve-month period. If you lose more than 5 points you may lose your licence.

Q: Can I tow a trailer on P plates?

Probationary drivers are not permitted to tow a trailer, unless for work purposes within working hours and an application has been approved by VicRoads.

Q: How many lessons will I need to have and how much will it cost me?

That depends on the amount of experience you have gained from practice with your family and friends. Each student learns at a different rate and has different needs and for this reason there is no easy answer to these questions. The best option is to be guided by your instructor and practice as much as possible.

Q: Do I need to have lessons before I go on my assessment?

No, there are no regulations that state you must have driving lessons; although it is however recommended that you do. A professional instructor will be able to assist you with safe driving skills and habits and advise you as to VicRoads expectations and criteria for the licence assessment.

Q: How many lessons a week do I need to do?

That is totally up to the student.  Most students find that one lesson a week combined with regular practice is sufficient to make continued progress. Other students find they need to do two or three lessons per week if they are unable to practice and are running out of time before their preferred assessment date. 

Q: Are we able to get a gift voucher?

Yes, we are able to provide you with a personalised printed gift voucher.  Contact Judes Driving School with your learners details.

Q: Is it better to do my drive assessment with an instructor?

Yes, most students find it a more comfortable and reassuring to go with an instructor, as we are able to step you through the whole process, from the first turn of the key through to the production of your licence.

Q: What advantage is it for me to go with Judes Driving School rather than another school?

Judes is the only Driving School able to offer all of the following services as a complete package in the Warragul, Drouin and West Gippsland areas to best meet the needs of all students.

Manual and automatic cars, pick up and drop off*, full hazard test tuition and defensive hazard awareness courses.

Q: I’ve heard that Judes has Hazard Test training. Don’t all driving schools have this?

No, Judes is the only Driving School that offers a complete Hazard Test Training Program. We have outstanding results every year and positive feedback from all our Hazard Test students.

Q: Can I have someone (family/friend etc) go with me on my lessons?

Yes, you are more than welcome to have a family member or friend attend your lesson, as this helps your family member or friend with your future practice.

Q: What sort of cars do you have?

All our cars are classed as small to medium sized cars and they all comply with dual control regulations.

Q: Will I be able to go for my licence on my birthday?

Yes, you are able to go for your licence on your birthday. VicRoads would prefer you to do your two assessments on separate days, but you are able to complete both your hazard assessment and your drive assessment on the one day, if needs be.

Q: I’ve heard that no-one passes their licence test first time. Is that true?

No, more than 90% of student’s pass their assessment on the first attempt with Judes Driving School.

Q: I’ve been driving on the farm since I was young. I wouldn’t really need many lessons, would I? What would you teach me that I don’t already know because I’ve had lots of experience?

Driving on a farm would give you great skills in car control and gear changing if you have been driving a manual. Driving on the road or in a town or city is totally different however. This requires new skills such as road law knowledge, cornering, giving way, traffic control, low speed manoeuvres and countless other skills that will ensure a safe driving future.

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The first lesson with most students is conducted on quiet country roads.




The Complete Driver

The Complete Driver covers topics that are not part of the driving test such as higher speed skills


Hazard Test Training

Judes Driving School will present you with our own exclusive Hazard Perception Training Program.



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